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Private Hack for R6

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Game version: Steam (last stable version) / Uplay (last stable version)
Supported OS: Windows (x64 only): 10 (1903/1909/2004/20H2) 
Supported CPU: Intel / AMD
Game mode: Works only in windowed mode
Coder: voron2
Supported anti-cheats: BattlEye (BE), FairFight
Invisibility while recording: Support for any programs (except shadowplay), including recording and streaming the entire screen.
Status: undetected




- Enemy ESP 
- Enemy info (name/distance)
- Silent aim
= FOV customizable
- No Recoil mod
- Aim key configurable
= No animations mod
- Glow mod (to operators and artifacts)
- Unlock All operators
- Unlock cammos & charms
- Speed hack
- Camera FOV changer
- self HWID spoofer included.

  • Play as legit as you can. Also keep track of the percentage of survival of the character (character / total), it should not exceed 50%, otherwise you will be suspected of unfair play.
  • The cheat works in fullscreen
  • Support for invisibility in screenshots and videos: Support for programs that record the process of the game (OBS, Fraps, Bandicam, PlayClaw and other analogs), including ShadowPlay; Support for programs that record the entire screen (OBS when recording the desktop, Skype, TeamViewer and other analogues), except for ShadowPlay.



1. Run our EXLoader;
2. Select the cheat you purchased;
3. Select the version and press the INSTALL AND RUN button;
4. Wait for the EXLoader to close;
5. Start the game and wait approximately 1-3 minutes;
6. The cheat menu opens with the "F6" button;
7. Enjoy the game!

For purchase please contact our online consultant on the main page of our website in the lower right corner


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