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Private Hack for DayZ Standalone

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Game version: Steam (last stable version)
Supported OS: Windows (x64 only): 8 / 8.1 / 10
Supported CPU: Intel / AMD
Game mode: Fullscreen or windowed
Coder: uloran113
Supported anti-cheats: BattlEye (BE)
Status: undetected





- Survivor: Display Players
- Animal: Display animals
- Projectiles: Display Ammo
- Skeleton: Display skeleton
- Location: Display locations

- Infected: Display zombies
- Vehicle: Display vehicles
- Other: Display other
- Name: Display names
- Altar: Display a list of cities

- Corpses: Display Corpses
- Heli wrecks: Display Helicrash
- Loot items: Display items
- Distance: Display distance to players

Loot filter:
- Pristine: Only display items with Pristine status (untouched)
- Worn: Only display items with the Worn state (worn out)
- Damage: Only display items with Damage status (damaged)
- Ruined: Only display items with a Ruined state.

- Firearms: Display firearms
- Archery: Display crossbows
- Ammunition: Display Ammo
- Food: Display food
- Backpacks: Display Backpacks
- Vests: Display vests
- Tools: Display tools
- Containers: Display containers
- Materials: Display materials

- Pistols: Display pistols
- Melee: Display melee weapons
- Magazine: Display Stores
- Drinks: Display drinks
- Tops: Display back clothes (shirts, t-shirts, jackets)
- Headgear: Display hats
- Parts: Display car parts
- Cultivation: Display all items related to gardening (seeds, fertilizers)
- Navigation: Display all items related to navigation

- Shotsguns: Display shotguns
- Explosives: Display Explosives
- Modifiers: Display modifiers
- Medical: Display medicine
- Pants: Display pants
- Shoes: Display shoes
- Crafting: Display manufacture
- Camping: Display Camping
- Radio: Display radio

- No sync time: Disable the synchronization of the time of day and weather with the server (disable the change of day)
- No grass: Disable grass
- Reset weather: Change weather

- Menu the "F9" key: The menu is called up on the "F9" key
- For quick hiding loot press "F10": To quickly turn off loot, press "F10"

For purchase please contact our online consultant on the main page of our website in the lower right corner


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Updated and unfrozen.

******UPDATED: 22/01/2021 (version 1.11) 

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Updated. Available for the new version of the game.

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